Wireless Firing Systems for Pyro and Fireworks Displays

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FE108   Cannon Visco Fuse - 3mm STANDARD (30 seconds per foot)
BATTPACK1   External Battery Pack - SLA Battery with Smart Wall Charger (12V 10aH)
Falcon2-80pack3m   Falcon II Fireworks Igniter 3 meter (80 pack)
Falcon2-100pack5m   Falcon II Fireworks Igniter 5 meter (100 pack)
MS12Q   MS12Q Firing System - 12 cue wireless
MS12Q-PRO   MS12Q PRO Firing System - 12 cue wireless
MS32Qplus   MS32Q+ Firing System - 32 cue wireless
MS32QplusPRO   MS32Q+ PRO - 32 cue Wireless Firing System
MS32QplusPACK   MS32Q+PACK Wireless Firing System Package - 32 cues
MSPACK12Q   MSPACK12Q Firing System Set - 12 cue wireless
DEMO5   Pack of 5
QF-2X6LR   Quantumfire™ QF-2X6LR (12 cue) Wireless Firing System
QF-6LR   Quantumfire™ QF-6LR (6 cue) Wireless Firing System
QF-6X2LR   Quantumfire™ QF-6X2LR (12 cue) Wireless Firing System
QuantumPack2X6LR   QuantumPack™ 2X6LR Wireless Firing System Set
QuantumPack6LR   QuantumPack™ 6LR Wireless Firing System Set
QuantumPack6X2LR   QuantumPack™ 6X2LR Wireless Firing System Set
TCF100-12LNX   RFRemotech 12 Button Remote Transmitter (TCF100-12LNX)
SEQPRO24   Sequencefire Pro™ 24 Firing System Kit - 24 cue wireless
SEQPRO32   Sequencefire Pro™ 32 Firing System Kit - 32 cue wireless
SEQFIRE-24   Sequencefire™ 24 Firing System - 24 cue wireless
SEQFIRE-32   Sequencefire™ 32 Wireless Firing System
SEQPACK24   SequencePack™ 24 Firing System Set - 24 cue wireless
SEQPACK32   SequencePack™ 32 Firing System Set - 32 cue wireless
F2208   Shooting Wire - Economy Duplex Copper - 300 ft. spool
F2209   Shooting Wire - Economy Duplex Copper - 500 ft. spool
FE108-5   Visco Cannon Fuse 5 Pack - 3mm STANDARD (30 seconds per foot)

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