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When Will Your Order Arrive?
Will your order arrive in time for the Fourth?

Here's how to find out.

  1. First, look at Fedex's Ground Shipping map, and find which zone you're in.

    Fedex Ground Shipping Map

    Below that map, you can see the number of days it takes a ground shipment to reach the zone you live in. For example, if you live in Kansas, you live in the 3-Day Delivery Zone.

  2. If your order is received by noon on a weekday, it will usually be shipped that same day. When you calculate the number of days it will take to arrive at your location, do not count the day you placed the order. Start counting on the day AFTER you place your order. For instance, if you place your order at 9am on Monday and you live in the 3 day delivery zone, you would start counting on Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday. Your order will arrive Thursday. But if you order after noon on Friday, or Saturday or Sunday you would not count Monday, which is the day Fedex picks up your order from our warehouse. You would start counting from Tuesday on.

  3. There are no Fedex ground deliveries on holidays (July 4th, Christmas, New Year's, etc.) nor Mondays, nor Sundays. Fedex will not be making deliveries on 7/3 or 7/4.

  4. If ground shipping will not reach you in time, you may be able to use Next Day or 2-Day shipping. Note that some products can only be legally shipped by ground. For instance, fuse cannot be shipped by air, which means that next day, or express shipping is not an option for you for that product. Next Day or 2-Day shipping charges will be higher. Flat rate and free shipping from us to you is only done by ground. If you select a faster shipping method, you will be charged the full cost of shipping your order that way.

  5. If you HAVE to receive your order by a certain day, tell us in the notes in your order, or email us. Otherwise, orders are shipped in the order they are received.

  6. As close are we are now to the upcoming holiday, it is impossible to guarantee you will receive any ground shipments in time. Once your order leaves here, it is in the control of the shipping company. Watch your email for the shipping confirmation and tracking number. Then track your package and verify the delivery date for your order. Check your delivery address and make sure it is correct as well. We strongly suggest you try to get your order to arrive a day or two before the holiday, if at all possible. Give yourself some extra "padding" just in case.

Please email us if you have any questions.